Borrow Adventure Passes

Borrow an Adventure Pass!

Thanks to some generous donations by our friends at Brooke's Creek, HMR Trail Rides, and the Town of Mayerthorpe, you can borrow passes that you can use to try mini golf, swimming and trail rides for free!

Our vision in lending these passes is that, by reducing the cost, families can make adventure a little more affordable. Please plan to pay the entry fees for the additional members of your family so that everyone can share the fun, and terrific opportunities like those provided by Brookes Creek, HMR Ranch, and the Town of Mayerthorpe are supported!   

Passes are available for a one-week loan. You can place a hold on a pass just like you would on a book and just like a hold on a book, you never know when it will show up so we cannot guarantee that a pass would be available to you at a certain time. Your pass can be used once during your loan period.

As soon as you have your adventure pass, schedule your adventure!

Brooke's Creek

This 18-hole mini golf course and campground is located in the middle of Whitecourt.  To book a round of mini-golf for your family, visit

HMR Trail Rides

HMR Ranch is located just north of Beta Lake in Yellowhead County. Family trail rides can usually be booked a day or two in advance. Because the horses will be readied just for your family, and it's no small job to catch and saddle them, please show up on time for your ride or cancel with plenty of notice!

To book your ride, call and leave a message at 780-795-2493.  For more information about HMR Trail Rides, visit

Mayerthorpe Aquatic Centre

The Mayerthorpe Aquatic Centre is an outdoor pool located in Mayerthorpe at 5309 - 50 Ave. Please check the July/August 2024 schedule before your visit. For more information, call 780-684-3003.