Board of Trustees

The Library Board has full legislative authority for the management and provision of library service in the municipality. The Board approves annual budgets and has financial oversight of library operations. In addition, the Board determines service objectives for the library that are appropriate to the needs of the community and re-examines them periodically. The Board also develops policies governing library programs and operations in consultation with the library's manager.

The Library Board consists of members from the Town of Mayerthorpe and the surrounding area.  Trustees are appointed by Town of Mayerthorpe Council to serve a term of 3 years. Regular meetings are scheduled for the second Thursday in February, March, April, May, June, September, October, November, and December.

Are you interested in the future of the Mayerthorpe Public Library? Why not become a member of the Board?  If you would like to volunteer for this rewarding position, please submit your letter of interest to the Town of Mayerthorpe, PO Box 420, Mayerthorpe, AB,  T0E 1N0, or email to Please include the reasons why you wish to apply to be a library board trustee and any skills or relevant experience that make you the ideal candidate!

All regular library board meetings can be attended by the public. If you would like to attend a meeting, please register by phone at (780)786-2404.

Board Members

Lana McDonald, Board Chair

Shelley Bannnister, Vice Chair

Cheryl Lloyd

Darcie Naslund

Yvonne Pinchbeck

Rebecca Wells