Get Lit Up for Lite Up

Published: September 30, 2022
Last Updated: November 25, 2022

Welcome to our Lit Up for Lite-Up Wine Survivor Raffle! Tickets are no longer available for purchase as we have begun our elimination process to get down to our final 6 tickets who will win a share of the wine we have collected! The winning names will be announced on Lite-Up Nite, Dec 2nd, after the final elimination round. Read our complete contest rules.

Elimination Round OneTickets with the following names were eliminated Thu, Nov 24:

Karen Christiansen, Vicki Blasko, Maureen Polak, Jackie and David McClure, Lara Nicholson, Irene McCallum, Terri Woods, Patricia Jager, Kathy Ziemmer, Hendrickson Black, Marie Birkbeck, Janice Okrainetz, Alyssa Wilkinson, Lowell Chad, Tammy Dickson, Diane Naslund, Kevin McDonald, Kelley VanKleek, Mernie Greenwood, Jolene Gunn, Irene Wilkinson, Kelly Huxley

Elimination Round Two. Tickets with the following names were eliminated Fri, Nov 25:

Andy Bollo, Rose Starman, Alexis Phillips, Hillary McKay, Colleen McDermid, Earl Hagman, Maureen Brazel, Fred Wilkinson, Gary Bowman, Heidi Adams, Jackie Janes, Tracey Kager, Dale Anderson, Ann Wilhelms, Kathy Fast, Julie Backer, Larry Kidd, Linda Smith, Gail Pfannmuller, Dean Hendrickson, Kelly Greenwood, Janet Jabush

We are sorry that your ticket is not a winner, but we thank you all so much for purchasing one and supporting the Library and the Friends of the Mayerthorpe Public Library Society.

 If you have any questions, give the library a call at 780-786-2404.