Pub Trivia Night Appreciation!

Nov. 03, 2023

The Friends of the Mayerthorpe Public Library Society and the Mayerthorpe Public Library would like to offer a heartfelt thank you to all who attended our Trivia Pub Night fundraising event. It was an honor to be surrounded by those who love and support their local library. Everyone's presence contributed to the event’s success and we hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did! With everyone’s contributions, we raised over $1000 which will allow us to add many new, exciting, educational, and sought-after books to the library's collection! We would like to give an extra thank you to all those who donated items and time.

Anselmo Willing Workers, Shelley Bannister - Behind the Seams, Falon Boll – Rockin; Mamas, Hilda Brill – HB’s Just Craftin Around, Chelsey Byce – Sweet Tooth Cravings by Chelsey, Valerie Braun Baking, Laura Burger, Pat Cass, Brenda DeBock – Tangling in My Jammies, Leana Gache, Janice Grabler, Hendrickson Black, Carolynn Knapp – Diamond K, Cynthia Lagimodiere - Scentsy, Rick and Ruth McDonald, Abby McKillop – B-Class, Colette McKillop, Maureen Polack, Mayerthorpe Rexall, Jacqueline Richards, Certified Makeup Artist, Madyson West – Double MW Knits

Everyone’s generosity and support is a welcome reminder of how our community loves its public library. Make sure you all receive our newsletter and follow us on social media so you can see how much your generosity impacts our community. Your support encourages our continued commitment to be a part of Mayerthorpe’s story.